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Zero Cost Processing

What business owner wouldn't want to have zero-cost processing? Discover how TMS NC is the reliable choice for merchant services in North Carolina.

Zero Cost Processing For North Carolina Merchants

Every time a customer swipes their card, do you wince thinking about the fees? What if your local business could have zero-cost processing instead?
Merchants throughout North Carolina deserve a better way to serve their shoppers. Whether you sell goods or services, we keep your processing fees lower.
TMS NC makes credit card payments affordable for any retailer. No matter how you get paid, we provide convenient solutions for any brand.

Why Offer Zero Cost Processing For Merchants?

When merchants have fewer costs, they can pass the savings on to their customers. In turn that creates happier customers who appreciate a discount. It only gets harder to wriggle out of paying for plastic payments. Rather than looking for loopholes, we keep things simple from the beginning. Why should you feel penalized for taking as many forms of payment as possible? Process customer payments smarter with our zero-cost merchant programs.

How Does Our Zero Cost Processing Program Work?

We look for ways to save your company money during credit card transactions. On the other hand, customers can see incentives for paying with cash. While credit cards are safer than ever, they still don’t prevent fraud. Instead, encouraging cash checkouts quickly stops processing fees from becoming expensive. Our agents also search for ways to create savings that benefit you and your shoppers. No matter what your company offers its customers, we can help you cut processing costs.

Discounted Sales Prices

Zero cost processing means fewer fees that your customers have to pay. We help you set one price for your products regardless of how shoppers buy them. Let everyone win with discounted sales prices and affordable rates.

Cash Payment Discounts

Despite all of the payment types that are available, cash is still king. Why shouldn't you reward faster and easier checkouts with discounted pricing? When you pay less at the register, so do your customers.

Affordable Credit Card Processing

Fewer customers leave the house with cash, but everyone's money is good. We can assist you in processing credit card payments at low costs. Take care of all of your shoppers with affordable merchant services.

Better Savings for All

The best solutions are those that benefit everyone involved. Our agents provide personalized options, no matter your industry. Why spend more to process payments when we offer lower costs?

Customer-Driven Discounts And Zero Cost Processing

Brands that connect with their customers are those that last the longest in business. That is why we offer as many ways to save as we do.
Modern companies should not only make the sale but also forge a bond. Your brand thrives when you introduce new ways of keeping customers first.
Start giving your loyal shoppers the discounted prices they deserve. Learn how our zero-cost processing helps merchants throughout North Carolina.

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Not all merchant services provide reliable savings opportunities like we do. We want you and your customers to have lower costs daily. Contact TMS NC today to learn how we serve local area merchants the best.