Get Your Free Clover POS System

Free Terminal And Reader

Who else offers a free terminal and reader for new merchants who sign up? TMS NC is the trusted name in affordable payment systems.

Get A FreeTerminal And Reader For New Merchants

What stops many merchants from succeeding is when they don’t have the right equipment. That is why we offer a free terminal and reader for those who are new to our services.
TMS NC provides the best in terminals and payment processing. We save you even more with a complementary Clover system installation.
It’s never been so simple or affordable to improve your existing setup. Learn how you can receive a free terminal and reader for your brand.

Which Free Terminal And Reader Is Right For You?

We represent many unique businesses, so we offer a variety of options. No matter what setup suits you best, you can count on us. We work with merchants operating in any type of storefront. Take payments on the go or improve your brick-and-mortar shop. We offer solutions for any brand, industry, or operational needs. Find out how you can enjoy a free terminal and reader for your company.

Countertop Terminals and Readers

A modern countertop terminal should access a wide range of cards and chips. When it doesn't, it only limits who can shop with you. Keep your system ready for any shopper with our POS terminal selection.

Wireless Terminals and Readers

Any self-respecting business owner can accept any payment from anywhere. You should take any credit card, e-wallet, or phone app, even on the go. Don't leave any customers behind, and design your personalized system now.

Mobile Payments

When customers can make payments easily, they tend to do so more often. Once it becomes cumbersome, they stop shopping as often. We make it easier than ever to take more forms of payment anywhere.

Online Payment Processing

Online payments are one of the most direct ways of sending money. When customers have a private and secure portal, they feel safe doing so. Give your shoppers the options they need to pay you faster.

Why Join Us for Your Free Terminal and Reader?

We want to offer more than a promotion, but our hand as your business partner. We have helped numerous businesses throughout North Carolina since 1996.
Local merchants prefer our selection of payment systems and services. No matter what your brand offers others, we’re here to support you.
We believe that the best payment options are the ones that feel convenient for everyone. Learn how you can receive a free terminal and reader by joining us.

Choose Your Free POS Terminal and Reader

You deserve a payment terminal with exceptional versatility and convenience. Our all-in-one terminal offers a tablet docking station and a cash drawer.
Ditch traditional registers and get the latest in tablet-friendly terminals and readers. Accept many payment types and go mobile when you need to with one system.
We also offer smaller terminal units for mobile sellers and countertop models. Find the POS system that suits your brand best without spending a fortune.
No one is more committed to keeping payment systems simple. Contact TMS NC for your free POS terminal and reliable merchant services.