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Secure Online Payments

Not all NC companies provide secure online payments for their customers. Develop trust and loyalty with personalized merchant solutions from TMS NC.

Online Payments For North Carolina Merchants

Creating a safe digital place for secure online payments has never been so important. However, there are still many merchants throughout North Carolina that still leave customers unprotected.
Hackers don’t take long to access unprotected financial details and personal information. That is why we offer safe, secure, and convenient ways for businesses to get paid.
TMS NC helps to protect consumers and companies alike through customized payment portals. Learn how we pride ourselves in serving merchants and their shoppers throughout the state.

Secure Online Payments For Credit Card Transactions

Template-based websites don’t always include the level of protection owners need. It often remains unnoticed when they don’t know or understand the problem.
We provide everything you need for safer transactions online. Accept a variety of different credit cards and payment options at low rates.
New merchants can even receive a free Clover POS system when they join us. Discover how we can help you serve your customers with secure online payments.

Simplified Payment Portals

Everyone has enough PINs, passwords, and safe phrases to memorize. That is why we offer faster ways of determining if users are robots. We build your payment portals around your needs for maximum protection and control.

Accept More Forms of Payment Online

Nowadays, there's no reason why merchants can't accept any form of payment. Choosing us means becoming more flexible without raising your costs. Let your customers pay faster while staying safer than ever before.

Get Paid Instantly

Who has time to wait to get paid what they are owed? Receive direct deposits straight to your bank account at no added costs. Transfer all of your customer payments faster with our merchant services.

Virtual Processing Terminal

A virtual processing terminal means accessing sales data anywhere in the world. There's no reason to wait until you return to your shop tomorrow. Take care of your shoppers whenever you need to with digital processing platforms.

Complete POS Compatibility

Communication is vital to success, even for your electronic devices. Improve your system's compatibility with our suite of Clover products. New merchants who sign with us could even receive a free installation for their store.

Why Choose Us for Your Secure Online Payments?

We support local merchants with affordable processing services and have been doing so since 1996. We ensure that NC business owners have everything they need to succeed.
We have the flexibility you can depend on for customized payment options. No matter how you prefer to get paid, we keep the process simple.
We work with many different brands and industries, giving us insight you can trust. Contact our agents to learn how we can take your brand to the next level.

Provide Your Customers with Secure Online Payments

Modern business owners should always offer secure online payments for their customers. Otherwise, they won’t build the level of trust that’s needed for long-term relationships. We help you receive more forms of payment at lower processing rates. Take credit cards, e-wallets, and mobile payments at affordable costs. Contact TMS NC for reliable merchant services.