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Retail Merchant Services

Finding a reliable source for retail merchant services can sometimes feel impossible. Learn why businesses throughout North Carolina choose TMS NC POS systems.

Retail Merchant Services in North Carolina

In retail merchant services, the smallest expense could have huge repercussions. That is why we’re passionate about helping business owners throughout North Carolina.
TMS NC offers many solutions aimed at growing your brand. No matter where your local store operates, we have several payment terminals available for you to choose from.
Whether you sell online, in a store, or you’re mobile, you can count on us. Discover the best payment solution possible for your small business.

Retail Merchant Services Available for Business Owners in the US

If no two brands are alike, why should their payment system options be the same? They shouldn’t. We provide many ways of accepting and processing sales.
Businesses throughout several industries turn to us for our POS setup. We install prefabricated systems and customized configurations to satisfy any operational needs.
No matter how you reach your customers, we can help you grow. Contact us for our reliable retail merchant services and terminals.

Affordable Rates

We keep our processing rates competitive through nearly 30 years of service. With over 500,000 satisfied business owners, your brand is in good hands. You don’t need to avoid credit card payments because of high fees. We offer your company better savings to grow even faster.

Free Clover POS System

The only thing better than an affordable POS system is a free one. You don’t have to suffer through trial and error to find the best terminal. Our company loves the Clover suite payment system, and you will too. Find out how new merchants can qualify for a free POS installation.

Point of Sale Terminals

It can feel like there are as many payment options as different terminals. How can today’s business owners make the right decision for their system? We ensure that you receive flexible terminals to keep up with all your needs. Find the POS installation that works best for you and your staff.

Online Payments

Do you operate an e-commerce site or offer in-person services? Either way, you no longer need to handle cash or card payments again. Send your clients to a safe and secure hub online to manage invoices. Keep your customers happy with the same flexibility that you enjoy.

Why Should You Choose Our Retail Merchant Services?

There are many choices available for retail merchant services in North Carolina. Why should you choose our providers to improve your local small business? As our company has assisted others for nearly 30 years, you can count on us. We provide a variety of practical payment solutions for any brand. We can offer as many options as you need, no matter what goods or services you sell. Our company assists many others throughout the community with solutions, such as:

The Best Retail Merchant Services in NC

Business owners across the state find practical ways of accepting payments. They prefer us for our selection of POS systems and our level of experience. What could your brand accomplish with a quality merchant services partner? Choose TMS NC today for the best retail payment solutions.