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Processing Credit Card Payments Online

Processing credit card payments online should be simple for you and your shoppers. Learn why TMS NC offers the best merchant services in North Carolina.

Credit Card Payments Online the Simple Way

Now more than ever, everyone needs a way of processing credit card payments online. Freelancer workers, delivery drivers, and even babysitters are paid digitally now.
When scaling your business, you need affordable rates and dependable support agents. That is why we keep credit card processing simple for owners throughout North Carolina.
TMS NC has been your local leader for merchant services since 1996. We help you find the best solution for any industry.

Start Processing Credit Card Payments Online

If the past several years have taught us any lessons, it’s that flexibility is vital. Customers who trudge through several payment steps quickly become frustrated. We offer a variety of ways to pay others and process sales. You can rely on us from mobile card readers to online invoicing portals. We help local companies accept many forms of payment that are easy to use. Start processing your payments online with options that will suit any brand.

Simple to Use Digital Payment Platforms

There’s no reason to complicate getting paid, so why use extra steps? Get payments in minutes, thanks to our straightforward platforms. We offer a variety of card readers, terminals, and online portals. Choose how you get paid and keep the process simple.

Process Online Payments Now

Your customer uses one payment option, but your company accepts a different one. How do you guarantee compatible invoicing for any credit cards or e-wallets? We personalize your payment portals, including as many choices that are needed. Start getting paid faster with our convenient processing solutions.

Receive Payments Now

Few things frustrate business owners, like waiting for their cash to clear. Plus, it can be hard to turn down higher fees to process them faster. Our merchants get their payments clear in only 24 hours. Receive automatic direct deposits straight to your account with our processing services.

Virtual Processing Terminals

You receive an email saying that a customer made their payment. Unfortunately, with your current system, you can’t actually process it until you’re in front of a terminal. With ours, you can process payments from wherever you are with a virtual platform. Start accepting credit cards from anywhere that you connect online.

Compatibility for Existing POS Systems

The worst part of upgrading your processing system is making sure it’s all compatible. When terminals can’t communicate with readers and scanners, it delays payments. We work with the Clover suite POS terminals for consistent compatibility. Ask us how you can have one installed for free at your location.

Why Choose Us for Processing Your Payments Online?

We know that the sooner you get paid, the easier you can breathe. Unfortunately, many processing setups aren’t designed for their speed or convenience. As your experienced provider of merchant services, we build around your needs. Start accepting credit cards, direct payments, and mobile sales with our variety of solutions.

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There’s a reason why owners prefer our processing solutions. Choose TMS NC for the best selection of merchant services and payment systems.