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POS System

Not every POS system is ideal for your local company. Learn how TMS NC offers a better way to process payments for your NC business.

POS System
And Credit Card Readers

You can no longer rely on just any point-of-sale credit card reader. Instead, you need a more convenient way of getting paid.
North Carolina merchants have fast, secure, and simple processing options. They know that we offer the best solutions for any type of business.
TMS NC helps you accept any credit card or digital payment platform. Start processing smarter with flexible options and a more convenient POS setup.

System And Credit Card Readers

Modern companies deserve better POS terminals to process payments faster. Your readers should also provide you with detailed and accurate sales tracking. Whether you have an existing setup or need a new terminal, we provide them all. We work directly with NC business owners to personalize their payment systems. Today’s entrepreneurs need credit card readers that can keep up with their drive. Discover how you can qualify for a free POS system installation.

How We Improve Your New Or Existing POS System

If credit cards are smarter now, shouldn’t processing them also be smarter? We all know that not every merchant has the latest in payment readers or options. We help you define which solution offers the best results. Redefine how you accept payments with several convenient choices available.

Improved Daily Operations Management

We help you keep your finger on the pulse of your business. Manage your brand better with inventory, sales, and labor hours. Receive detailed reports on everything that happens within your company.

Updated Sales Analytics

What good are sales reports and forecasts if you don’t have them right in front of you? How often do you feel overwhelmed by details you didn’t ask to see? Receive daily updates tailored to the information that you want to see most.

Make Informed Decisions

No decision is too small to leave up to fate. That is why we help merchants make smarter choices with data-driven suggestions. Learn where your brand can improve which is also backed by personalized metrics.

Select a Free Clover POS System

The first step in building a better payment system is choosing a terminal. What’s even better is when you receive a POS installation for free. Learn how we assist new merchants with keeping their costs lower.

Tablet Integrated POS System Merchant Bundle

You may prefer to take payments with a tablet for its convenience. Unfortunately, it sometimes can’t do everything that you want it to.
A fully integrated platform that docks tablets to cash registers is an excellent solution. It combines the complete functionality of traditional terminals with improved mobility.
These setups also include an additional port to attach other peripheral devices. Improve how you serve your customers with flexible POS terminals.Tablet POS System Bundle Includes:

The Best POS Systems for North Carolina Merchants

The right card readers allow small business owners to compete like major corporations. That is why we provide as many solutions as possible at low costs. Learn how new merchants can receive a free POS terminal from TMS NC.