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Point Of Sale Credit Card Readers

Shouldn't point-of-sale credit card readers be as convenient to you as it does for customers? TMS NC offers the best on-the-go payment systems for your business

Point of Sale
Credit Card Readers For North Carolina Merchants

Some point-of-sale credit card readers don’t offer much flexibility to businesses. When they’re tied to the cash register, you can’t take payments on the go.
Consumers have more ways to pay than ever before. How can you process cards, digital wallets, and online orders while staying mobile?
TMS NC offers North Carolina merchants the solutions they need most. Learn how you can receive a free Clover POS system when you sign up.

Accept Payments From Anywhere

Today’s businesses need a POS terminal that goes where they go. Plus, not all mobile credit card readers are made equally. Customers become increasingly used to buying anything from anywhere, requiring smarter terminals. It’s time that you improve your current setup or adopt a new one. We work with businesses throughout the state to simplify how they get paid. Discover how you can start with a free point of sale credit card reader.

Make Any Business Mobile

Even with a physical store, you need flexible ways of accepting payments. While not every owner is technologically savvy, we offer simple solutions for everyone. Turn any crowd into potential sales with a mobile POS system.

Attract More Customers

Customers love to see fast and efficient ways of checking out. That is why computer stores without traditional terminals are so popular. Shouldn't your brand enjoy the same level of convenience as the bigger companies?

Convenient Payment Processing Options

Convenient credit card payments are those that customers don't mind making. More people mind long lines when there’s only one cashier working. Improve your company's level of convenience with on-the-go payment systems.

Improve Customer Trust

Taking your brand on the go opens you up to many new potential customers. However, they won't trust your company without knowing their financial details are safe. Build better business relations with new ways of accepting mobile payments.

Manage Payments Anywhere

The biggest drawback to temporary stores and pop-up shops is delaying payment processing. When you have a backlog of receipts, you need real-time management options. Start tracking inventory and sales wherever you are with our convenient setup.

How Can Our Point-of-Sale Credit Card Readers Benefit You?

Businesses have always relied on going to where the consumers are present. What’s strange is that they don’t always adopt the same attitude in how they receive payments.
Today, you can process credit cards and digital payments wherever you want. We’re ideal for food trucks, sidewalk artists, and other register-free shops.
Now is the perfect time to upgrade to a new point-of-sale terminal. Contact us today to learn how we can improve your brand with solutions, such as:

Take Your Point-of-Sale Credit Card Readers on the Go

It isn’t enough to have card readers and terminals in a store. You need the freedom and flexibility to manage sales anywhere. Choose TMS NC for convenient mobile payment solutions and contact us today.