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Merchant Cash Advance

Securing a merchant cash advance has never felt so convenient. See why North Carolina businesses prefer TMS NC for affordable borrowing options.

Merchant Cash Advance Made Simple

You may not always get paid on the day you thought you would. That is because not everyone knows where they can receive a merchant cash advance.
We understand that not all business owners will qualify for a loan, but when you need to have money today, you can call on us.
TMS NC offers reliable merchant services provided at low rates. See why North Carolina companies have been turning to us since 1996.

How Can a Merchant Cash Advance Help You?

Your merchant cash advance is a quick and affordable way to fund your business. It’s the ideal choice for those short on time and when loans won’t do. We offer affordable repayment rates scheduled around your sales structure. Schedule repayments weekly, monthly, or on a by-card basis for flexible solutions. No matter how you serve your customers, we work around you and your brand. See why merchants throughout the state rely on our cash advance options.

Credit Sales-Based Payments

We all know what it feels like waiting to get paid. Plus, credit cards, debit cards, and digital wallets don't always clear quickly. Banking holidays and utility interruptions can also sideline those payments and cause them to be stuck in progress. Get your cash today with affordable processing rates and flexible repayment terms.

Account Direct Withdrawals

Why waste time waiting for a bank teller to see you? Merchants who sign with us can have direct withdrawals from their accounts. Customers don't always pay their invoices when you thought they would. Repay your cash advance whenever it's the most convenient for you.

Fixed Payment Options

You don't need to wait until your loan provider says you can repay it. We work with you by offering low fixed payments scheduled daily, weekly, or monthly. Let your money work smarter when applying for a merchant cash advance. Contact us now to hear how we can better serve you and your needs.

Affordable Repayment Rates

What's the point in borrowing money if repayments drain your account? It only makes sense to keep your rates low on every cash advance. We help merchants avoid paying high borrowing rates and fees. Secure the funding your business needs at low costs today.

Why Choose a Merchant Cash Advance?

Taking a traditional loan can waste a lot of time you don’t have. That is why we keep your merchant cash advance fast and convenient.
Not all loan options offer as many repayment choices as we do. We also guarantee that they don’t have solutions as flexible as us.
We’re an experienced merchant services provider helping your local business achieve more. Contact us to learn about all of your cash advance options.

Contact Us for Your Merchant Cash Advance

We believe every business owner should have immediate access to capital. Bank loans aren’t always convenient or available when you need them most.
We work with you to find repayment options that will suit you best. Avoid high fees and costs and choose our experienced agents.
Open your firm to new possibilities with convenient borrowing options. No one serves local area merchants better than TMS NC.