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Credit Card Processing

One thing that NC merchants could benefit from are local leaders. Credit card processing doesn’t need to be complicated when you choose TMS NC.

Leaders: Credit Card Processing Made Simple for North Carolina Merchants

Modern business owners need more than just payment systems but also a local leader. Credit card processing doesn’t need to be expensive or complicated with the right provider.
We provide practical solutions for merchants throughout North Carolina. They turn to us whether they have physical stores, e-commerce sites, or mobile businesses.
TMS NC is the trusted name for local credit card processing. Learn how new merchants can receive a free Clover POS system.

What Makes Us Leaders for Credit Card Processing?

While credit cards become faster and more secure, not all merchants can improve their current setup. It could mean turning customers away because your system is too old to keep up.
At TMS we work hard to ensure local area merchants have the solutions that they need. We have served as their partner in the community for over 25 years.
We provide superior POS terminals and payment processing options for all types of businesses. Become the merchant your customers need you to be and contact us today.

Portable Credit Card Readers

If they’re willing to buy, you need to be ready to sell. When you don’t have mobile card readers, it means losing new customers. As your local leader, credit card processing is simple and affordable.

Smartphone Credit Card Processing

Why is your business still chained to a register that can’t move? Start making sales on the go with smartphone POS systems. Go to where your customers gather to expand your outreach efforts.

Superior Point-of-Sale Systems

Do you feel uncertain about where to begin upgrading your POS system? Our agents can answer any questions you have about any component.

Low Rates

We keep our rates competitive to ensure you see more of your profits. That way it doesn’t cost more to process the payment than it does to make the sale.

Free Clover POS System

The best investment that new merchants can find is a free Clover POS system. Those who sign up with us can receive one installed at no additional cost.
You can’t afford to split your payment system into different platforms that don’t communicate. We provide personalized setups that will help keep things simple every day.

Direct Payments

Why should you have to wait for your money to reach your account? Choose TMS NC for direct merchant payments.

Why Choose Us as Your Merchant Services Provider?

We know that not all retailers need the same type of payment system. That is why we tailor yours to satisfy any area of business.
Whether you need improved analytics or convenient checkout experiences, we can help. Our company offers superior merchant services for any business type.
We offer a variety of practical ways to improve your brand. Contact us to find out how we can transform your business with improvements, such as:

We’re passionate about innovating the choices modern business owners expect. No matter your industry or operational needs, we have practical solutions prepared just for you.