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About Us

There's a reason why North Carolina merchants continue to rely on us for over 25 years. No one offers better business solutions than TMS NC.

About Transactions Made Simple (TMS NC), North Carolina's Best Merchant Services Provider

Transactions Made Simple (TMS NC) serves local merchants with affordable services. We have operated here in North Carolina since 1996, making us your local experts.
We help many unique businesses and owners alike with specific challenges. One thing all brands have in common is needing to cut their operational costs.
They know that the best way to slash costs is by reducing their processing fees. Learn how we serve local merchants like you with affordable repayment options.

Not every business is willing to put its customers first. Other companies don’t know all the options they have in processing payments. That is why we offer a variety of practical solutions to grow your brand. No matter what goals you set this year, we’ll help you pursue them all. Over the years, we’ve seen everything that business owners face. You can rely on us for everyday operational needs and immediate cash advances. We have helped local area merchants for over 25 years. See what makes us different and contact our agents today.

Why Choose Us As Your North Carolina Merchant Services Provider?

How Does Our Zero Cost Processing Program Work?

We look for ways to save your company money during credit card transactions. On the other hand, customers can see incentives for paying with cash. While credit cards are safer than ever, they still don’t prevent fraud. Instead, encouraging cash checkouts quickly stops processing fees from becoming expensive. Our agents also search for ways to create savings that benefit you and your shoppers. No matter what your company offers its customers, we can help you cut processing costs.

Discounted Sales Prices

Zero cost processing means fewer fees that your customers have to pay. We help you set one price for your products regardless of how shoppers buy them. Let everyone win with discounted sales prices and affordable rates.

Cash Payment Discounts

Despite all of the payment types that are available, cash is still king. Why shouldn't you reward faster and easier checkouts with discounted pricing? When you pay less at the register, so do your customers.

Affordable Credit Card Processing

Fewer customers leave the house with cash, but everyone's money is good. We can assist you in processing credit card payments at low costs. Take care of all of your shoppers with affordable merchant services.

Better Savings for All

The best solutions are those that benefit everyone involved. Our agents provide personalized options, no matter your industry. Why spend more to process payments when we offer lower costs?

About The Affordable Merchant Services That We Offer

We offer as many affordable merchant services as we can. No matter what industry you perform in, we can assist you the best. You can find various ways of improving your firm with practical improvements. We provide a wide range of affordable merchant services for any company type. Whatever you need from us, we provide it all at low costs. See how we help companies throughout the state with services, such as:

How Can New Merchants Get A Free Clover POS System Installed?

Another way we help you keep operational costs lower is with a free Clover terminal. New merchants who join us are taken care of from day one.
Contact us if you have a physical store, e-commerce site, or other type of business. We work with a wide range of unique brands here in North Carolina.
Established brands and new firms alike rely on our services. You can count on us to keep business simple for any local company.
Get the solution that satisfies your customers best without paying high fees. No one saves local merchants more than our experienced agents.

The Best Merchant Services Provider In North Carolina

Our state has always supported those with a knack for business. Why should your firm feel any different when processing customer payments?
We provide affordable merchant services that will suit any operational needs. When you need ways of offering discounts and reduced costs, you need us.
Shouldn’t saving your company money feel simple instead of an uphill battle? Experience why North Carolina business owners continue to rely on us. No one knows how to support different brands like TMS NC.